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Thursday, November 11, 2010

When Life Gives You Lemons...

You eat them.
Ok, that's actually what my little brother does.  Not me.  Lemons are gross, except when paired with loads of sugar.

Really though. 

One thing that having a young married women's small group (long name, I know) has taught me:
Life does not go as planned.  For anybody.  Hardly ever.  Meaning, I'm not the only one.

We've been going through different women in the Bible, and this week, we came to Mary (Jesus' mother - yes, there is more than one Mary in the Bible).
Each week, I've challenged the girls to put themselves in the shoes of the woman we're studying.  Well, this week was crazy.  Talk about an "interruption" to the life she had planned.  She almost lost the husband she was about to marry, and she became pregnant, sans the baby-making.  It's kind of more than an interruption.  It's a lemon.  A big, fat, yellow one.

The thing that blew us all away about Mary was:
She found moments to treasure in her heart, even when her life did not go as planned.  She chose to make the interruption a treasure.  She chose to love the lemon.

When life gives me lemons, I'm going to see the beauty of the lemon.  I'm going to thank God for the lemon.  I'm going to treat the lemon as if it was such a pleasant surprise, and I can't imagine life without it.

Thank God for lemons (but for Mary and Jesus, mostly).


  1. i love when you learn things because then you teach them to us and you have such a gentle way about teaching truths to the blog world! Thanks for sharing! And yes, mostly, thank God for Mary and Jesus-love it : )

  2. great words. not sure i am ready to say bring on the lemons though ;)

  3. I love this post. You've given us something to really think about! :D

  4. You're so right, life does not always go according to plan but it's how we handle the "lemons" as well as the "sugar soaked lemonade" that shows a person's true character! And, I really really like this picture! Have a beautiful Thursday!

  5. Love it! Thanks for sharing! =)

  6. Man, I keep stumbling onto these amazing blogs with such inspiring stories and yours is no exception! Thank so much for posting this because it's things like this that help keep us in line and show us just how special and precious life can be! Thank you again, you and your blog are wonderful.

  7. hello! i just discovered your blog today...and i'm so glad! i just spend forever looking at a bunch of your old posts. :) thanks for sharing this today. i definitely want to make the interruptions in my life a treasure...being thankful for those lemons as they shape me into who God wants me to be!

  8. Love these words of yours!! xo

  9. Beautiful! Life sure has given me a LOT of lemons lately. But I've been trying very hard to always see some good in every situation because... whether you want to admit it or not, it's always there.
    Thanks for visiting my blog! I like yours already- in fact, I'm your newest follower :)

  10. Very nice blog, Sarah Ann!

  11. thank you for writing this. I needed it a big way.

  12. Love the simplicity of this message. Perfect choice of words! God has been speaking to me so much lately about being Mary. Love the story of Mary and Martha...I'm such a Martha! It's been nice to be more of a Mary lately. Thanks for this sweet reminder!

  13. Learn how to make a great lemonade ;)
    Great post and wish you a great weekend!

  14. This is such a great post and one that I needed to hear. I think lemons are sometimes the most wonderful surprises at the end of the day!

  15. Oh my goodness... I absolutely love the perspective you made out of lemons! LOVE it. <333


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