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Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Your response to yesterday's post was incredible.  I am just amazed and overwhelmed at the care that you all expressed and the desire to know more about the cause.
For those of you who asked or who will ask, I am personally going to email the organization and find out more to tell you.  However, there are many other organizations that focus on this same thing.  If you are interested to know about those, leave a comment and I will either do a special post or email with more details.
Thank you a million times over for caring.  What great and beautiful hearts you all have.  I love you guys!  I'm so proud to have such amazing readers!
If I could, I'd have each of you over for coffee and just get to know you and what causes you have a heart for!  I'm so blessed by you guys!

P.S. - This Friday, I'm going to start a "Weekly Favorite" spot over in my sidebar!  Be watching for super-awesome blogs to look out for!

P.P.S - A Super Special Thank You to Lindsey who did her own post about yesterday.  You're awesome!


  1. Thanks for following me! You've got the cutest blog... of course I will follow! :)

  2. I wrote one as well.


  3. way to go for you sharing what's on your heart...you're a breath of fresh air! :D

    If you have time, I would love the names of other organizations.

    Also, would love to sit down over coffee with you too! Most definitely!


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