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Friday, May 28, 2010


The phrase "you are afraid of what you don't understand" does not usually apply to me.  Instead, I'm fascinated by things that are different.
When I was little, my mom had to make a rule that I couldn't eat things off of Wal-Mart's floor just because I wanted to know what they were.  I know, I know, I'm anticipating a child with the same gross weird inquisitiveness as mine.
There have been some things that have pretty much fascinated me my whole life, and some that come and go:

The Amish
For a little while, I thought I wanted to be Amish.  Until I realized I might not be able to listen to my walkman (yes, this was a long time ago).  Then, I thought I wanted to write about the Amish, until I realized that Beverly Lewis had that down pat.  Now, their lives just blow me away.  I would love to visit them and talk to them.  Their lifestyle makes you wonder if simplicity really is the better route.  There's probably something to learn there.

Mexican Candy
Alright, well, they do have some really good caramel-y stuff.  But there is a specific candy that, when we lived on the border and spent lots of our time in Mexico, I was completely baffled by.
It's called Lucas.  It comes in all different forms.  It's main ingredient:
Chili Powder.
It's very acidic and comes in both hot and sour flavors.  I still don't get why it's so popular.

Personality Tests
I love them.  I want to take more.  If anything, these definitely fascinate me.  The poor husband has had to take so many of these.  So far, my favorite is the Meyer's-Briggs.  (I'm an ENFJ.)
 But I also think that the Birth Order book is just amazing, because it pinpoints personalities based on your position in your family.
My poor children will be analyzed to death.

What a completely random assortment.

What are you fascinated by?


  1. I too am fascinated by the Amish! For Christmas I got the book an Amish Christmas and love it! I cried while reading it for many of reasons but just seeing how devoted they are to God. Also, mtv had a True Life special on the Amish and I was glued to the tv for the whole show, then rewatched it on our DVR a few times. I would love to visit them. Something mysterious about them makes me want to spend hours talking and finding out how they are so devoted.
    I am also an ENFJ (but my J and P flip back in forth). During college we studied these test so much and they always fascinated me. I loved looking at family structure and how upbringing effects so much of a person. The human ecological approach was my favorite to study. you should google it... so fascinating!
    One thing that fascinates me aside from those two is watching the Holy Spirit work. It truly is amazing and I don't think we see it as much as we could these days but when we do we are in awe of God's great power.
    Sorry for the worlds longest comment :)

  2. I am fascinated by the Amish too-it's just really intriguing and I don't know why. I also think studying birth order is so interesting-my sister is the middle child and it's so interesting to read about the middle child and see how many characteristics really fit her whether she realizes it or not! Have a great weekend Sarah!

  3. i actually have family that's amish. i've been out to pennsylania and helped with their chicken "harvesting" (to put it nicely) and it's an amazing lifestyle! you definitely should take a trip out to amish country someday if you're interested in it!

  4. What a fun post. The Amish fascinate me as well. And you are right - Beverly Lewis has done an amazing job captivating their lives.

    I am fascinated by factories. I loved watching "Unwrapped" on the Food Network and seeing how things are made.

  5. Sarah Ann, this is so cute! Mexican candy intrigues me too...as does personality tests. Have you ever heard of The Five Love Languages? When my husband and I were preparing for marriage...this was a BIG one to focus on. We even revert back to it now. I would highly recommend checking it out!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  6. I want to visit the Amish!!!! Okay lets just all meet up there and go together :D

    umm lucas...lets just say YUCK to that...makes me squint, and squirm, and it's just terrible!!!!

    I like personality tests tooo!!!! I like the long intensive ones where you can't just fake your way through it!!!!

  7. When we lived in Ohio, our class trips were frequently to the Amish town (I can't remember what it was called) but I was always interested in them too! I always went home being so thankful for carpeted floors, lights and tiled showers :)

    I love personality tests too. I was a psych major in college, and the testing classes were my fave! My husband thinks I'm crazy - haha!

  8. I definitely find the Amish intriguing. While visiting an ordinan (spelling?) my husband and daughter caused a HUGE stir. They had never seen a black person or a mixed person. I did a post on it. I just had my gall bladder removed and I am QUITE glad I live where one can get education past the 8th grade. But in some ways we can learn loads! Beverly Lewis totally has the cornerstone of that market!

  9. I have some strange fascinations too! Always been interested in birth order/personality quizzes. It's amazing how they can nail you to a "t", isn't it? I kinda don't like being so stereotypical...bursts my bubble about being an original!

  10. the Amish are fascinating!

  11. Hey lady cakes! I left you an award over at my place today :)

  12. i totally agree about the Amish! My husband's grandparents live near Amish country and we always pass tons of them just riding along the road in their carriage-they always look so friendly and happy!

  13. I'm actually pretty fascinated by you!...and how you think up this random stuff. You are a deep thinker and I like that so much:) It's a pleasure to dig into your thoughts:)

    So sweet. Have a lovely weekend!

  14. Hello lovely lady, how are you this week Miss Sarah Ann?

    The Amish are truly fascinating. My hubby and I are temporily living in suburban PA and we took a drive out to visit Amish country last summer. I've never visited the Amish in the heartlands, but this was really neat. Totally different way of life! The first time I went out there for business, I kid you not, I was at a traffic light with a Target on my left and McDonalds on my right and at the light at the intersection, there was a young man driving a horse and carriage. I AM SERIOUS! I wasn't trying to embarass him but I totally took a picture with my camera phone. People wouldn't believe me right?

    So anyways we took the trip and went to see some of the homes, and it is amazing how simple their lives are. And talk about good food, I mean, delicious, all made with local, farm fresh ingredients, so good!

    There is also a big difference between Amish and Mennonite that I didn't know before making the trip. Mennonites are more flexible when it comes to modern conveniences.

    Fun post! Have a happy weekend beautiful! xox

  15. I love your random assortment of info. My mom is so fascinated by the Amish...Their simplicity in life is amazing! My spanish teacher in high school brought in some Mexican candy and I remember being so amazed that they actually used chilli powder in their candy. And about analyzing...I love analyzing people. People watching can be a sport for me. :)

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  16. The Amish have always fascinated me. I really want to go to PA and visit their town.

  17. so cute sarah! that chili candy baffles me too! i do agree that the amish are ever so fascinating!

  18. I love taking personality tests too! (I'm an INTJ.) I recently took this really cool one I heard about on Ramee's blog, that assigns you a color and then explains what people of your color are like. It was super, super cool! If you want to look into it, Ramee introduces it here: http://rameelinlarson.blogspot.com/2010/05/color-color-color.html

  19. Curiosity is my favorite thing. It's great to be fascinated by things because you never have a dull day. =) The Amish fascinate me how they stay true to their traditions.

  20. I am soo with you on the Amish thing! For real, they do fascinate me! I've read tons of Beverly Lewis books and it makes me want to sell our cars and buy a buggy... and bake pie... from scratch... and can something... maybe peaches. :P

  21. i am SOOO in love with mexican candy!!

  22. I'm happy to know I'm not the only one fascinated with Amish people. When I was little I told my parents I wanted to be Amish. They laughed at me, but I was always in love with their simple life. They are truly getting everything out of God's natural creation.

    However, I do love my iPhone. And how would we blog if we were Amish...?

  23. I have NEVER understood why people love Lucas so much either! Love this post!

  24. hahahaha you are so cute and expressive!

    I love how your blogs are just so real!

  25. Haha, love this post! It's so funny that you posted about Lucas, I used to live in Texas when I was younger and they had mexican candy EVERYWHERE. I loved it though. I also used to eat this lemon lime kind called Twang :)

    I love the Amish too. I went with my mom a few years ago and visited them (I live in Philadelphia so Amish country isn't too far away) but it was great.


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