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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Inspired Sunday

I have been inspired by The Happiness Project to do a "one sentence journal" blog day. The actual idea is to do this daily, but I think I have too many words inside to limit myself this much all of the time. However, it is a really cool idea, and I'm dedicating Sundays to it! Not only does it make you think about what you really want to say, but, as an aspiring writer and an English major, I think it's a great way to focus a thought into just one sentence.

So, here's to the beginning of :

Today's journal sentence:

Lately I've been pondering my inside-person, and I am discovering what God means when He says that He sees our secret lives; it makes me feel like a baby bird that has just been pushed out of her nest - terrified but oh-so-free.


  1. Hi Sarah, Love your blog. So great to find another blogger who loves our Lord and serves him diligently. Isn't he wonderful! I found you via 20SB and so glad I did. Hope to keep in touch. P.S. I see that you like beth moore- you must try her new book SO LOng INsecurity. It is great. Oh and I am doing a fab jewerly giveaway at my cooking blog- please come by and enter to win! Would love to have you! http://kitchenbelleicious.blogspot.com

  2. Tried leaving a comment earlier but I am not sure it went through so in case it did- just to recap- I love your site- found it thru 20SB and glad I did. Thank you for talking and getting the message out about our lord and savior. He is wonderful isn't her? He is my rock and my strength. Hope to keep in touch and look forward to reading your posts each week. Would love for you to come by and visit me. I have a cooking blog with great recipes- i just started so i am new at this but I am also having a great giveaway of Lisa Lenoard jewerly. So come by and enter


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