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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Change the World Tuesday: The Big Give (+Giveaway)

This Week's Feature:

When I went to their website, I was totally inspired.  Women bloggers from across the world have come together to make up this contest.  

The website describes the contest:
The rules are simple: Using $20 or less, spend the month of July plotting, executing, and documenting an incredible random act of kindness for someone. Turn in your results at the end of the month. A panel of four judges will review all the entries and choose the winners.
You even get a prize if you win, which all of us know is an incentive.  However, I'm hoping you will just join and give for the sake of, well, giving.  

All it takes is $20 and a big heart.
We have a few days left in June.
Take some time to look around you.  Notice needs.  Ask yourself if you could do something with that twenty dollars to change someone else's life.

Also, please spread the word.  If you mention this contest in on your blog, you will receive 2 entries in the surprise giveaway I'll tell you more about tomorrow. 
Leave a comment here telling me if you've mentioned it with a link to your blog.


  1. oh wow!! That is such a neat idea!! Thanks for sharing! I really love Tuesdays at your blog! :)

  2. I love that random act of kindness idea. :) If only more people did these things!

  3. what a great idea!! my family and I were just talking the other day about tipping big to bless waiters/waitresses. my mom heard a devotional that talked about this and how as Christians, sometimes we are the only bible that people interract with...by even tipping big, we have may have answered someone's prayers for God's help. just a neat thought. thanks for your refreshing posts on Tuesdays...love what you're doing!

  4. This is so wonderful!!! I can't wait to go visit the site! God is really moving people's hearts towards kindness! I already had a post planned about a 90 days of kindness challenge that I'm jumping on the bandwagon for and now I read this post and WOW... God is speaking!


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