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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Change the World Tuesday: Change for the World

To those of you who follow Change the World Tuesdays, thank you!  I am always open to more ideas, and eventually I am open to letting you all join in!  It's special to find other people who share the same passions to make a difference.
This week's feature:

The mission: find substantial needs and meet them.
The idea: motivate people to put their spare change toward the organization.  It gives "Change for the World" a double meaning.
The current project: provide and install water filtration systems "for the The San Blas Islands, 365 tiny pieces of land nestled off the coast of Panama in the Carribean Ocean [that] are home to the Kuna Yala Indian Tribe."  They will also send medical staff to help those diseased by the unclean water that they are currently drinking.

What we can do: Make a Change Box, and send the change you collect to the organization.

Also, you can donate on the website or text “Go” to 85944 and donate $10 now!

Let me know your own ideas, and if you have an organization you support, I'd love to allow you to tell your own story one Tuesday!


  1. I love this idea. I think I want to make a change jar/box for our youth room and let the youth group put all their spare change in it each Wednesday and Sunday... I bet that we could raise a lot that way! Thanks so much for doing this meme!!

  2. I just donated the $10.00! I love how easy that is!

  3. this is SO INCREDIBLE!!
    i love this so much!
    definitely going to make a change box!
    thanks for this!


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