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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Happy Thursday + My First....

Happy Thursday blog world!  I am so glad it's almost the weekend, and I really love Thursdays.  Even though I have two classes left today, I have this lovely break that I'm spending at Barnes & Noble - arguably the most wonderful place in the world.  The smell of this place just calms me, not to mention they have books everywhere and Starbucks coffee.  Simply lovely.

Anyway, KA over at Medical School Mrs. just gave me my first Blog Award!  I'm so honored because I love her blog and have enjoyed forming our little blogger-friendship!

Well, this award comes with conditions (which I am so excited to comply with!) :

  1. List 6 things you are a master in.
  2. Pass it on to 6 bloggers you think are masters at friendship, and make blogging so awesome.

6 Things I am a Master in:

1.  Reading all of the time.  Especially Christian Romance novels. Since becoming an English major, I have been enlightened that these are not really quality writing, but they just are so wonderful!  One of my favorite authors is Lori Wick.  The first book I ever read of hers was The Hawk and the Jewel, and to this day, I go back and read my favorite parts of it, just for comfort's sake.

2.  Being the Biggest Bare Escentuals Fan ever.  Everything I use makeup-wise comes from them.  I have the Bare Minerals foundation, blush, warmth, and Mineral Veil (which is a must-have!).  I also have their liner-shadow, eyebrow color, lipgloss, and mascara.  Oh, and one of my all time favorite products is the Skin Rev-er Upper.  It's just glorious for your skin!

3.  Loving Billy.  I am so far from being the best wife, but I don't know that anyone could love my husband as much as I do.  Or at least, I'm glad to be the one who gets to love him best!

4.  Trying new recipes.  I am a master at trying but not always succeeding.  I love to attempt to be good, though.  (Check out my post, Gourmet!)

5.  Speaking Starbucks lingo.  I have got it down, people.  I'd work there if I wanted a job (and if I was hired, of course).  But seriously, they compliment me on it.  It's not really a gift - I think it's a learned skill from having such an addiction. 

6.  Using Parenthesis.  I think I use them all of the time.  They are quite useful!  I just overuse a little much.  If it bothers you, I sincerely apologize!!

    6 Bloggers I'm Awarding:

    Carissa from Lowercase Letters

    Again, Happy Thursday!  
    Don't you love this picture?!
    I can't wait for watermelon & summer!

    honorable mentions:  ChelsieMandy, & Melissa have lovely blogs!


    1. Thanks for the award:) I'm pretty good at Starbucks lingo too:) Have a great Thursday!

    2. Love the picture and congrads on the award!! :)

    3. I'm so honored by my award!! :)

    4. Thank you, thank you!! And I love parenthesis, so don't feel bad about that with me!!

    5. Congrats on your award. :) And those are very cool pictures.

    6. congrats on your first blog award!! have you ever read the "Love Comes Softly" novels? They're Christian romance. I've never read them, but I watched the movies that are based off of the books and really enjoyed them.

      p.s. i'm a new follower :)

    7. Thanks Ann! I have read those novels! They are great - they're just a little slower-moving. But I've seen the movies too. Don't tell my husband, but he LOVEs them :)

    8. Congrats on your first of many (I am sure) blogging awards.

    9. With the exception of number 3 on your list I think you and I could be twins! I love Lori Wick and I love Bare Minerals!! EVERYTHING in my cosmetic bag is from them! Enjoy the rest of your Thursday!

    10. You're so kind! Thanks so much for the award! Hope you have a fabulous weekend! :)

    11. Carissa from lowercase letters said:

      wait, is that pepper on that watermelon?!?! regardless, it looks so tasty. i agree... starbucks and barnes is the perfect combo. thanks so much for the award!!! : ) so cute. i've been wanting to try bare minerals. when i run out of my clinique i'm going to go for it. glad to hear that you love it!

      :( I accidentally erased her comment along with someone else's spam one! Sorry Carissa! Thanks for the comment!

    12. no prob! : ) it's way too late for me to be up... i get to sleep in tomorrow so i'm taking full advantage of it! thanks so much for leaving me a comment on my design blog. i don't know why i just now saw it. that was so sweet of you! i hate to disappoint, but i don't know if it will ever happen. we'll see.


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