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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

What's Your Beef?

This month, our 18-20something ministry (Genesis) is doing a series called "Beyond" that focuses on outreach.  We're super excited because Billy (my hubby) is interning there as the Outreach Coordinator.  Needless to say, this is our heart.  If you read my blog, you'll find many posts about it because it is a passion that just overwhelms our lives.
I believe that many passions stem from things that we want to see changed - things that we have a "beef" with.  For example, I have one big issue (with smaller issues that fall underneath) that I hate:

Bondage.  I hate oppression - spiritual and physical.  Since I was young, I have connected with this verse as if Jesus had spoken it right into my heart instead of Isaiah's:
This is the kind of fasting I want: free those who are wrongly imprisoned; lighten the burden of those who work for you.  Let the oppressed go free, and remove the chains that bind people. (Isa. 58:6)
Underneath this, however, there are some specific things that I feel a burning passion to change:

Child Prostitution.  Even now, I feel my blood boiling.  Can you believe this little girl has been sold for unmentionable abuse?  I have researched lots of types of this, and it is just terrible.  I want to do everything I can to spread the word and to make a change.  International Justice Mission is my favorite organization so far because they work on the political side to help make a lasting difference.

Girls who believe lies.  This is something I didn't know until the past couple of years that does fall under bondage.  Lies are told to girls and women by their parents, fathers especially, boyfriends, friends, and themselves.  I hate to see a girl that is oppressed because she believes lies about herself.  One of my passions in writing, communicating, and specific personal relationships is to boldly help girls and women find God and learn that he can give them freedom and love that they won't find anywhere else.  I believe this with all my heart, and it comes from the hate I have inside for Satan's lies and oppression and bondage in the hearts and minds of women.

Religions that teach lies.  This is at the Basilica in Mexico City.  There is a large courtyard before you reach the very elaborate cathedral.  And if you look in the background of this picture, you'll find people on their knees.  Nope, they're not thanking God for his forgiveness through Christ, they're paying for their own.  They drag their knees, sometimes until they bleed, in penance for their own sins, totally taking away the freedom Christ already paid for.  This is not the only religion that requires followers to work hard for rightness with God; there are so many.  I want badly for them to know God's true freedom.

What's your beef?  
Where's your passion? 


  1. i remember that basilica! i hate poverty and starvation. heartbreaking. and i definitely agree with you on everything!

  2. Super topic and post.

    Child maltreatment has been a passion for my wife, while I have focused on helping the families of missing adults and children.

    God Bless your husband with his interning.

  3. I really loved this alot! and i was one of the girls that believed the lies. thanks for making my day!

    Thanks for following!

  4. I LOVED this blog...

    My beefs:
    1. Kids dying of AIDS and malnutrition in Africa.
    2. Parent's who expect the church to teach their children everything they need to know. (Hello! We get 1 hour a week, maybe 3 if they stay for two services or go to the mid week program!)

    I have a few more but they go off into major rants... Thanks for sharing!

  5. Once again I see the beautiful passion of the person I love the most.
    Amazing post babe!

    My Beefs:
    1. Child Prostitution- It kills me to think that there are precious little girls being used and abused all over the world, while I sit in peace here in America.
    2. People who are lost, confused and running after all the wrong things due to false religion and false teaching.
    3. Suicide and its effect on the people closest to the person.
    4. AIDS and poverty outbreak in Africa.
    5. The Lukewarm attitude we, (myself included) tend to have on bringing justice and freedom to these issues.

  6. i'm new to your blog, but i read some of your posts and really enjoyed them. this post is so true! you mentioned prostitution and i know some people that are fighting against child prostitution in thailand. here's the link if you're interseted: http://zoechildren.org/

  7. I'm with you on everything!

    As for the Basilica, being that my father is Mexican and I myself lived in Mexico. I can say that the kneeling all the way to the Basilica is also used as a form to show their gratitude for an answered prayer. It's a promise that is made.

    For ex: If a child were to run away. They would turn to the Virgen de Guadalupe,Jesus,or God praying that they help bring their child safely back home.

    If the child returned home then as a personal form of gratitude they would kneel all the way to the Basilica. There are others that chose to fulfill there promise by walking or running all the way from their hometowns to the Basilica.

    People make those kinds of promises all the time here in the USA through tithing a certain percent of their checks. (I remember hearing this in certain testimonies people gave)or giving up something like. Others (like the Mexicans)choose to keep their promise through things like kneeling all the way to the church.

    Hope my explanation made sense =)

    Great post!
    Much Luv,

  8. Thanks everyone for telling me your beefs :) It's encouraging to know that other people feel this way.

    Karen - I have also been to the Basilica many many times. I understand that it can be a promise and a thanks, but I also know from talking with them that some truly are paying a penance. Thank you for your input, though. I don't believe that God asks us to make promises like that or with our checkbook except for what he says in the Bible. I'm a pretty strict Scripture believer. But yes, it did make sense! And thank you for reading!! I really love Mexico and have so much time there, so it's great to hear that you're from there! :)


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