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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I Need.

I say that I need a lot of things.  I was just thinking about that phrase this morning as I was actually thinking about someone else's real need.

Billy and I get to head up a "block" for local ministry.  We lead a group of college students in the Outreach department, and one of our outreaches is to visit a large neighborhood the first Saturday of every month.  All we do is hang out with them, meet them, and if we can, we try to meet their needs.  For example, last month, the guys in our ministry pulled together to buy this man a brand new lawnmower.  He was so excited:

There is also this wonderful family that we have all really loved getting to know.  They occupy about three houses on the block.  And the fact that they have adorable children helps, too!

They have a pair of twins that just steal your heart:

Yes, they are dressed alike... Precious, yes?!

Well, we found out that they really need:
I'm guessing that this is a necessity.  Especially for twins.  Especially if you can't afford them.

Well, this month, our girl small groups are working together to get them as many diapers as they need.  We'll probably throw in some wipes, too. 

Thinking about this need made me think of all of the things I buy that I think I need.  Sometimes, I selfishly buy things for myself while I could be living with a different mindset.  I bet there are people everywhere with real needs that I could meet.  
Diapers are a real need.

I can probably go without my Starbucks today...


  1. Awesome ministry! My friend Farrah is a coupon maven and she knows all the ways to get tons of diapers almost free and sometimes free. I will send you her link. This could even be something you could teach this mom! I am pretty sure it is www.seemomsave.blogspot.com
    She usually has some instructions on there about exactly where to go, what coupons to use, etc. It's really easy.

  2. It's funny how we work like that, isn't it? It's not until we have to go without what we think we need or see someone who actually really needs something vital that we start to 'get it'.

  3. Such a lovely post. Good for you for making a difference in the world!! I'm sure the people you are helping are so grateful, and that they'll be able to pay it forward.

  4. I think about this all the time! I'm the worst at always saying "I need," and in reality I do NOT need much. Thanks for posting this.

  5. It so so hard for me right now, because of how tight money is, and I can't buy the brand I want, or a particular food item, but then I look and see others who can't even afford diapers for their kids, or any food. I love the ministry you girls are doing!

  6. total reality check.
    thank you.
    i, too need to be better about what i say i 'need'....

  7. oh so true. isn't it so amazing how you get into missions and ministries to bless others, and then God blesses you tremendously more in return. very convicting...thanks so much for this important reminder.


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