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Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Sunday Sentence!

If you haven't entered the Giveaway with a Heart, please check it out!  It's for an amazing cause!

It's Single Sentence Sunday, again!  They come so quickly!  Remember to let me know if you do one, and leave your link in a comment.

sarah ann's bon mot
Today's Sentence:

We impact the lives of others by making meaningful, intentional relationships and being aware of the people we come in contact with us daily.


  1. I am going to do one right now! I'm very excited! I really like your sentence. It reminds me to get out of my little circle and start building better relationships with girls that need it. Thanks for the encouragement and all of your help today with all my blogging questions. haha.

  2. wow you are an inspiration inspiration. writing writing every day! the thing that makes me most nervous is someone reading what i wrote. i want it to be mine i feel like i live my life in front of an audience.

    thanks for commenting you made my day!

  3. The contest was amazing! I have you on my sidebar for all of my followers to join in!

  4. Love that sentence...chock full of truth!! :)

    Going to check out the giveaway...

  5. Thanks for the tip about removing and adding you back in! I'm successfully receiving your feed now! The last entry my feed had you at was 4 weeks ago and I just happened to click on your link to see what was up today :)I think I might try your single sentence Sunday this week!

  6. Nice Sentence , Made Me Think !
    . . . Cute Blog :)


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