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Friday, March 26, 2010

Rock Salt

It's always such a hard choice... follow a blog trend, or not?

Well, I just adore Julie's blog, Brown Eyed Belle, and she's doing this one, which I just think is precious, and goes along with what I was thinking, anyway:

The It's Friday, I'm In Love Series
Cute, huh?

Well, this Friday, and any Friday, and any day of any month of every year, I'm in love with:

That's right.  This is my weakness.  I can never resist NYSFC (yes, I even made an acronym).
I know what you're thinking... This is not really healthy.  But what can I say?  
I'm in love.

Funny fact:
When I eat ice cream, I have to drink water.  It makes me so insatiably thirsty.
(That's not funny, but this is...)
When I was younger, I seriously thought that this thirst & ice cream issue came from the fact that ice cream is made with this stuff:

Rock Salt!

And we all know that salt = thirsty.  Right?  So my idea would make sense!
Well, come to find out... rock salt is not actually in the ice cream. Oops.
Come to find out, it has some other purpose.  But it definitely is not in the ice cream.
It goes on the outside... in the ice cream maker... I don't really know why.
That's why I'm an English major.  I'm idealistic.  I promise, it was a good, solid idea...
Either way, thank goodness for whatever it does.  I love me some NYSFC.
Still... why do I get so thirsty?
I told my husband about this idea last night.  He laughed a lot.  I didn't think it was that funny...


  1. I love the 'Friday I'm in Love' series! Glad you joined in! :)

  2. That is so funny. I am the same exact way. AND I love that flavor :) Yum-o!

  3. Oh, I'm so glad you joined in! Summer over at B is for Brown came up with it and I just love it! And thank you for the little shout-out :) I hope you're having a fabulous Friday!

  4. I get thirsty when I eat ice cream too.

  5. I love doing this, and I love doing Summers idea and I love julie as well.. have a great friday.

  6. i HAVE to have a glass of ice cold water with ice cream, i don't know why!

    the rock salt on the outside makes the ice even colder, to help freeze the liquid into ice cream. when you were little did you ever do that contest where you pour salt on your hand, then put a piece of ice on it and see who could leave it the longest? Cuz it burns you? ha, i never won...

  7. haha that's so funny that you thought that! and that ice cream looks sooo DELISH! Haven't tried that kind before- but maybe once lent is over I will pick some up! I gave up sweets for lent- woo only like another week =)) Have a great Friday!!

  8. I am not a huge ice cream eater but when I do I have water too!! You're not alone!


  9. I have that same problem. Everyone always thinks I'm nuts, but I HAVE to have water when I have icecream.

  10. Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog! Your prayers are MUCH loved! Prayer is the one thing that keeps me going!

  11. I am so happy to find that so many people have this issue :) Yay for us!

  12. I AM THE SAME WAY!!!
    when i go to cold stone and order my peanut butter and cheesecake ice cream.....i ALWAYS get a cup of water!!!

    ha. :o)

  13. NYSFC is my all-time favorite Ben & Jerry's flavor!! Hmmmm, may have to get some tonight!

  14. Mmmmm now I want some icecream in a bad way!

  15. mmmm, i wish i could eat ice cream!! :(

  16. Ha ha, that's funny!!! I LOOVE that Ice Cream! I haven't had in a while...but oh I gotta go get some now. :D Yay for B&J Ice Cream!

  17. Hey thanks for stopping by my blog and following!! I'm now your follower too and can't wait to get to know you :D

    Jami @Intentionally Living...

  18. I would love some NYSFC right now!

  19. I LOVE Ben and Jerry's! There is no ice-cream better. And your blog is too cute! thanks for stopping by mine

  20. Yuuuuummy. However, living on a policeman's salary, I go for the Publix brand! Still yummy!

  21. funny. :) You know, I probably would have thought the same thing if I hadn't seen how my grandpa makes his homemade ice cream. And i'm weird with ice cream in the fact that I could take it or leave it. crazy, huh? I would MUCH rather have french fries. so healthy...not. at least you get calcium from the ice cream! :) happy friday!!

  22. Thanks for stopping by my blog!!! I'm a follower!!

  23. Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day! I look forward to getting to know you! :0)

  24. Whenever I eat ice cream, I ALWAYS want water too! You are not alone! ;) Have a great weekend!!

  25. I love the This Friday, I'm in Love feature. I will definitely have to try it this week! Thanks for the follow :)


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